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Kugel Ball 2014: Fire & Ice is officially sold out.

We look forward to celebrating this year’s honorees, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wick III, as we raise awareness and support for the Museum’s mission: Inspiring Virginians to enrich their lives through science. We hope to see guests and those unable to attend at additional Museum events in the near future! 


Kugel 2014 Levels


$250—Keeps Science on a Sphere spinning.  This dynamic 6-foot globe puts earth’s dynamic systems into perspective, as tsunamis, earthquakes, commercial flight patterns, even Facebook activity unfold real time.

$1,000—Keeps the earth moving.  The Museum’s Foucault Pendulum swings 7,926 times daily to mark the earth’s imperceptible rotation on its axis. 

$3,000— Keeps us jumping through hoops.  The Museum’s team of basketball playing rats-- ambassadors of Skinner’s theory of operant conditioning--perform for hundreds of screaming fans every day.

$5,000—Keeps us connected.  Over 5,000 feet of cable and 25G of data usage daily track yoga poses in Boost!, global energy demand on the Watt Wall, earth’s activity on Science on a Sphere, and then post, tweet, and Facebook it for over 27,000 online followers. 

$10,000—Keeps the Green Roof green.  Practicing what we preach, the Science Museum’s green roof demonstrates ways to manage storm water and improve water quality in our rivers and Bay.

$25,000—Keeps teens engaged.  The MiX, the Museum’s new digital media lounge, gives teens free access to the coolest technology to create, innovate, design, or just mess around.

$50,000—Keeps us current and relevant.  Where string cheese meets string theory, our free Lunch Break Science program covers topics ranging from robotic surgery to organic farming.

Questions? Please contact Sarah Shands:

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E-mail: sshands@smv.org



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Write us. info@smv.org.

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