The Science Museum of Virginia is delighted to recognize

Rob and Jeans Estes as the Hosts of the 2020 Illumination Gala.


Rob is the president and CEO of Richmond based Estes Express Lines, the largest privately held transportation company in North America.  He graduated from The College of William and Mary in 1974 with a degree in Business Administration.  After graduation, Rob joined Estes Express Lines where he worked in several roles before becoming General Manager in 1987 and President in 1990.  Rob has led the company to expand it’s coverage and service products. 

Jean also attended The College of William and Mary where she received a degree in Education. 

Rob and Jean believe that the Science Museum of Virginia is a catalyst for creativity and learning for people of all ages. They also recognize that the Museum is a fabulous educational institution that both inspires and entertains.  It is an organization worthy of financial support.